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Update regarding updates (lol)
November 14th, 2018, 12:06 pm
So I'm in an autistic burnout period, which is why work has been so hard. Balancing school and life is rough itself but having half of the energy I usually do dont really help the case. As people know I was taking hairstylist education and it was a stressfull period in my life, i didnt know i has aspergers at the time so i pushed myself a bit too much.
I couldnt break the balance of having time to recharge.
The summer after I quitI started losing hair due stress, and a year later or so i started attending art school and im still not 100% functional but its manageable, but im at half capacity.
I've had it like this the past 2 years or so and hopefully it will pass, i have to cut down on things i do in order to not burn out on the little energy i have, so right now ill have to just do things in my own time. I'll work on the comic projects and update them, but for now i think it is best to not have any 'schedule' until i got a batch or two done.
I'll still work on comics though, but putting the weight of having an weekly update off my shoulders might be what is needed right now.
Ii've not found a working schedule to do comics after summer ended, but its one of the things im trying slowly to establish into my daily routine one way or another.
Ill continue updating but it will not be a schedule, for now. Just so i dont have to continiously fight deadlines in this as well as deadlines with my school which is tiring enough. Hate letting people down like this :|
Not so punny update
October 8th, 2018, 12:54 am
I had quite a stressfull few months finishing my comic project the contest submission, and because of i've decided to take at least the rest of the month off from comics.
Meanwhile I'm going to put up the pages I did for the storyline for Latte bohemia http://lattebohemia.smackjeeves.com/ so that one will run as a 'filler' comic i guess if you're looking into something to read while extinct has a last hiatus before i return.
I wont be resting much though, im focusing on the next weeks hardcore-practicing so I can draw faster and better comics.
Better head out on a date with Andrew Loomis, Micheal Hampton, Stan Lee and Scott Mccloud. (it wont be as kinky as it might sound like out of context haha)

PS. Latte bohemia is a comic based on my previous stories from Good morning, Miss Winter. However this time, our shopkeepers are struggling with paranormal activity. The cast is new but the characters old. :)
Slight changes in prologue chapter
January 21st, 2018, 6:25 am
There has been a few changes in the prologue- I had to fix a few things like Celias way too long hair and their clothing to match the current arc.

The most affected page was page 07
I totally noped out when drawing the new pages and realised their clothing don't match. So It was easier to re-draw Lara and Celia in page 07 than to re-draw the current 7 pages of chapter 3 to match the old.
I tried not mess up the dialogue too much though, i fixed some grammar errors and made the text a bit easier to read some places. I think.

The pages affected:
Page 03, page 04, page 05 and page 07.
Newsss tldr: vote
December 27th, 2016, 9:14 am
Right, so we're getting close to 2017 (FINALLY), some weeks ago I started this poll called
''crossover couple challenge'' where people can vote up a strange pairing which I will later draw in an awkward setting!
I'm setting the due to tomorrow so if you still want to vote then do it now! ^_^

There's a few suggestions there already for couples, however if you got ideas of other pairings then feel free to comment here and ill count up your vote.
Right now Zen and Blaze seem to be leading!

Other than that:
I'm working on a re-make of the first 5 pages of Extinct, currently traditional with digital coloring. The colors I chose for this chapter are very vibrant so I cant really change it, I might change the colors of this page but here's the first one:

Sometimes I'm not sure if i should do the crazy color or not, lets just say I've always been super fond of strong colors since college, i always WORE these kind of colors and as a hairdresser i prefered working with contrasts.
I can see how this reflects this comic, however i might tone it down a bit later on because of how the world is build up.
This prologue is a bit of a draft for the rest of the comic, i'm putting the comic up on tapastic later when i've finished the re-construction of the first pages (a 3rd community........).

Extinct's story is super wired up and the next pages will nest up the last threads before the main story continues. I thought the proloue was important since we don't actually have much time to get to know the backstory otherwise.
There is SO MUCH STORY and i might have to cut back on a few things.
It is sort of ironic how much the idea developed just for being a dream a few months back, i've had faster development on this comic than I had on my old ideas which took me 9 years in the make!
You learn as you go >_>
The planning of a comic is the fun part indeed!
New awkward poll!
December 11th, 2016, 3:00 pm
I made a new poll where you can vote up the worst combination of crossover(or inside) comic character ships.
The winner couple will get an even awkwarder illustration.

If theres other preferences then please do comment.
November 6th, 2016, 4:36 pm
I've made a blogpage and webpage for everything I do (and more) which will contain both concept art, scetches, art among other stuff.
You can find it here

I also made a poll where you can vote which character you like the most of the characters in both GMMW and Extinct so far which is found on the site.