Minicomic: Piff and Gilly orgins 01

Date Posted: May 1st, 2017, 11:32 am

Author Notes

This is a 5-pages dumb comic I did, I decided to put it up here, for the week, because I still got some exam stuff
and I need to get some buffers in. So the next days this will be the thing.
When I've moved on ill probably put it into its own comic, but for now its here.
I dont know if Ill actually make these guys a thing in their own comic, but they somehow got their place in the world.
It might be somehow absurd, I hope you appreciate it and all the weird stuff going on in it.


PS. Sorry to leave that cliffhanger with Celia even longer :p


And forty pages from now, Lara and Celia find a sealed cryochamber and these two come spilling out when they open it ^_~
@kidcthulhu: haha, fun theory :) you'll see!
@Linn: Oh and just for the record, I wouldn't mind having a copy of the Lona Misa. Indecent?! Hardly ^_~
I want a steampunk pony/dinosaur!
@rougey: ponysaurs are the best!