Happy Halloween in space!

Date Posted: November 2nd, 2018, 1:17 am

Author Notes

We're currently having a course in illustration and its been alot of work, plus a trip to Berlin last week (which was AWESOME!).
I'm still working on the next pages and the updates will start as soon as I've gotten the current page finished, sometime next week.
I've not had much time to do Extinct halloween drawings but here's some value-tests/thumbnails I did which turned out kind of fun. Doing these thumbnail setups is a great way to get your ideas down.
The left one is Lara and Celia dressed up as schoolgirls and the right one is Lara and Blaze doing....Idunno, a picture?
Its such an awkward set up but at least Lara nails it.


That's a really interesting style; almost looks like another artist did fan art ^_~
Haha thanks, no lines makes it all look more flat. It is. We use this style in class but it's nice to establish a scene and composition before doing the real thing. I tend to start on something then forget most of my idea middleways through drawing so it helps using this practice. Only done it with comic pages before but not actual illustrations so much.